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I don’t see dates in the list of tasks, am I missing something? Also, I’d like to have some way of indicating the priority of tasks. I guess I could assign tasks to people with names that include a priority (Tom High, Tom Medium, …) but that seems awkward.

Hi and welcome,

  1. There are (relative) dates shown to the right of task title, if you assign a due date. Like in this image below. Here’s they are in red because the tasks are past due:

  2. Priority, indeed is not there. In fact, Asana doesn’t have a built-in priority system and you’re free to organize it the way you prefer, either by order, by sections or using tags. What do you use for priorities in Asana’s web interface? That being said, Prana doesn’t support tagging yet and it’s not so good right now for organizing existing tasks, as much as looking at what you have to do based on what’s already in Asana. Or you can quickly add new tasks (but not all features are supported yet here, either). We’re looking into what options and features people think are the most important to begin with.

Thank you for your feedback and for your interest. Feel free to ask more questions here, or start new topics.