First public alpha build of Prana

Welcome to the first public alpha of Prana, our lightweight native Mac client for Asana.

Please download one of the following builds:

System requirements: any Mac running at least macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

Note: Prana is not designed to replace the whole Asana web app but rather complement it in such a way as to make certain operations faster, in a native Mac interface.

Available features include:

  • My Tasks view, sorted similarly to the same view in the web app
  • Supports multiple workspaces, click on the arrow beside your avatar, after logging in, to select the workspace. Prana will remember it for next launch
  • Double-click (or hit Return key) on tasks to open the task details view where you can see and edit the description, assignment and due date
  • Click the > chevron to the right of the task (or hit the right-arrow key) to open it in the Asana web app.
  • Click on the + button (⌘N) in the bottom-right to quickly create a new task
  • You can open multiple task list windows (⌘T) and multiple task detail windows in Prana
  • Filter tasks — find anything in a task’s title or project name
  • Filter by a project — click a project to show just that project’s tasks. Option-click to open in a new window

Prana keeps all its data locally and communicates with Asana securely using their official API. Apparent Software has absolutely no access to your Asana data.

Leave your initial impressions and bug reports on this version in response to this topic.
For feature requests, please open new topics, so that we can all discuss them one by one.

If you need to contact our support team privately, please email or head over
to and create a ticket there.

Braden, Jacob, Krystian and Susannah.

Congrats! I love that the app is super lightweight, fast, and focused.

For me, I use Asana to manage the team, rather than tasks for myself. So it’d be good to be able to see all tasks within a project/workspace, rather than purely ‘My Tasks’. But I appreciate that this might not be the intention of your app philosophy.

Thank you for your feedback. It should be possible later to create a similar view into other people’s tasks. It just wasn’t the initial focus of Prana. But as a person who manages his own team on Asana, I agree that this feature can be helpful.