Adjusting folder name font size

Since version 3.1 Trickster allows choosing font size for the file name and folder names. Trickster has several settings and both names will be affected. But there’s a hidden setting that gives more control over the folder name which we only expose through the command line. You can change by how many points (of font size) you want to adjust the folder name vs the size that Trickster chooses for it in the correct font size setting. Default is 0 - no additional adjustment.

To change this setting, open the Terminal app on your Mac, copy the following line:

defaults write com.apparentsoft.trickster FolderFontSize -float 0

Paste (⌘V) this line in Terminal and change the 0 at the end to a positive or negative value. You probably don’t want to go above +5 there or too far below. You can adjust as many times as you like and Trickster will pick up the change immediately.