Bug while trying to import from Cashculator 1 database

Hello Jacob,
I just bought the full version and was trying to import from Cashculator+ 1. but when it opens the database file location I cannot select the latest CCDB.bak file.
Could you please help?
Best regards,

@manuelito1083 You don’t need to select the CCDB.bak file. You need to select the folder where CCDB is located. If you see CCDB in the folder in the “open dialog”, just click open. Did you see my video in Cashculator 2 is now available in the Mac App Store

Hi Jacob,
Ok this is what I have done.
And now I have a crash from the app with problem report.

Could you please check ?

Yes, we’re aware that some cases have problems.
@manuelito1083 When we have a beta version fix can I send you the TestFlight link to test with?

Also, two more questions. What is the locale of your macOS?

  1. Can you take a screenshot from System Preferences → Language and Region (see example below)?

  2. Will you be willing to share your Cashculator 1 database (privately) with us so that we can test the import with your database and your locale?

Hi Jacob,

Please see screenshot of laguage and regions.
However i don’t want to share personal datas.


You can send the link if you have a beta version fix.

Thank you, @manuelito1083.
We have a similar problem with some other locales and are finishing a build soon.
Hopefully it work for French-locale import for Cashculator 1.

Would you be willing to run a test version of Cashculator using TestFlight that has this fix, before it goes out to the public.

@manuelito1083 If you’re ok to try the TestFlight build, here’s an invite:

Install it through TestFlight and tell me if it solves the import problem.
Also tell me if it beeps during import. It may indicate that something was imported incorrectly.

Hi Jacob,
Yes it worked using TestFlight. it opened the database and import all data.
What do you suggest then ?

Thank you for the update. You can keep using this version until 2.0.2 appears in the official store. We’ll probably submit it today if I get ok from another customer form Europe who had a problem with entering reconciliation data. I can notify you here when the store version comes out.

Hi Jacob,
Thank you and great job for new version !

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Hi Jacob,
I have a message error today after restarting my computer for a while…
However it says that the “app is not available” and “the beta app is not available. the build is not valid”.
Could you please help to solde?

Version is 2.0.2

@manuelito1083 Version 2.0.3 came out in Oct in the Mac App Store. There’s no beta version of 2.0.3. So you need to download version 2.0.3 from the store: ‎Cashculator — Personal Finance on the Mac App Store

Thank you Jacob! Feeling silly ! Everything is working well now…
enjoy your day

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