Can't get top level categories

I’m battling to get top level categories that you can nest subcategories inside! I am selecting the correct option when I create the category but the little triangle isn’t there so I can’t collapse the category if I don’t need to see it. I hesitate to apply the word ‘bug’ because I’m so new at this. Don’t get me wrong, I * **Love ** * Cashculator to pieces, it just drives me nuts. :smile:


If you want to create a top-level that you wan to collapse, you should choose the option to create a Group and not a top-level category. The collapsible rows are group rows. You can create a transaction in a group row, they display the transactions in all the categories inside their subcategories. They’re like subtotals. You can “quick view” all the transactions in a group though (right click on a cell in a group row).

A top-level category is a category like any other (you can add transactions to it) but it doesn’t belong to any group so it’s on the top level. Remember that a category can’t have subcategories. Only groups can have subcategories (and there’s only one level of grouping).

You can always rearrange categories between groups and/or top-level by dragging them around and dropping them.

I hope this clears things up a bit. If it’s not explained well in the application or the naming is confusing, please let us know. We strive to make the application intuitive to use, so we’d love to know where we can do better in that regard.

then why have a top level if it just sits there :smile_cat:

You can use them, if you don’t want to organize some or all categories into groups.
Also, Cashculator v1 didn’t have groups/subcategories at all, so anyone coming from v1 will have only top-level categories when they import their v1 data (they can then create groups and move top-level categories into subcategories).

Basically, if you have a group with only one sub-category, then there’s no need to have the group, just have the category on the top level.

I got to that conclusion just before I turned Cashculator into a variation on a file, see the email I sent just now :smiley_cat:

Replied to you in support.
For others who see Cashculator document as a regular folder, make sure your folder has a “.cashdb” extension, for it to be recognized as a Cashculator document.

thanks for all your help, @Jacob, I couldn’t have done it without your support. I know I’d have been screaming at the computer a hell of a lot longer and louder!

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