Cashculator 2.0.2 is out with a lot of bug fixes

Here are the release notes. Update in the App Store.

  • Fixed a crash when importing Cashculator 1 databases for some locales.
  • Fixed a crash when entering reconciliation balance amounts for Dutch users and possibly some other locales.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when moving categories or on other UI actions.
  • Fixed icon sometimes unexpectedly changing when editing a category name.
  • Improved display of currently selected category icon in the category editor.
  • Added live display of amounts on the Y axis of report graphs based on mouse location.
  • Improved keyboard navigation in Quick Viewer of transactions and in plan transaction entry.
  • Improved sorting of recurring planned transactions in the Quick Viewer.
  • Improved appearance of the small Plan and Actual bar graphs in the Quick Viewer
  • Lots of fixes and usability improvements to the Quick Viewer of plan and actual transactions.
  • Fixed how Cashculator documents would sometimes display in Finder incorrectly as folders instead of a package.