Cashculator 2.0.3 is out, bug fixes and UX improvements

Full release notes:

  • Created an entirely new sample document with four scenarios.
  • Reconciliation screen improvements.
    • Fix the calculation of starting balances.
    • Show manually entered starting balance amounts in black and calculated in gray.
    • Allow deleting manually entered starting balances.
  • Added a shortcut to toggle Show Cents - ⌘⌥0 .
  • In reports, fixed display of Y values of the mouse location in scrolled graphs.
  • Selected location in Income and Expenses screen is now remembered when you switch between them.
  • Fixed generation of automatic actuals.
  • Fixed duplicating scenarios with categories that use the “average” plan.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hello Jacob,

being a cashculator user since very long I was really happy to see your beta activity.
(Re-)Creating something from scratch will provide some hurdles, expected and unexpected. That’s for sure.
You found a good balance when your clients can merge to the “new generation” missing a few (not too many) bells and whistles not too important for daily balancing duties. So I was and I am patient.

I bought the new cashculator pretty quick after the release and in the hope it would give me a substantial progress over the betas.
Honestly? Not too much or as much as I hoped for!
Now, still patient, I installed version 2.0.3 with a few enhancements and fixes announced …
BUT: As a result my former reconciled accounts are showing different balances - without a single entry made on my side!
Since I started over with all of my accounts with the new version, based on newly defined categories and groups etc. it’s been a hell lot of work to get everything in place again.
And now - all the reconciliations are busted!!!
Plus: Cashculator still does not save the window size and position!
Plus: It still ignores the settings made for the time horizon (lower right)!

Last weeks I had the idea to get in thouch with you guys to provide some ideas and lead you to some not correctly translated terms in your german version. For this moment I hesitate to do so, because I’m afraid of distracting you from bugs way more important!

Please be so kind to cheer me up with corrections and a positive lookout for your future plans.
Considering the price tag of € 50,- cashculator is rather on the expensive side of the offers on the market. I was happy to pay for, but currently my beloved cashculator is not reliable (any more) …


Thank you for being a long-time (and a renewed) customer of Cashculator. We are a small company, and all support is highly appreciated. It allows us to continue investing in the application. Sorry to hear about the problems you’re having and feeling of unreliabilty. The whole 2.0.3 updated was about improving reliability since we discovered problems in 2.0.2 and earlier that led to incorrect behaviour in some cases.

First of all, please do contact us at (or through the support link whenever you need. The faster we get the problems known, the faster we can address them.

Also, Cashculator 2 can now import data from Cashculator 1 but I understand that you already had created new data in v2.

With regards to changes in 2.0.3, we believe that the fixes there are correct, and if you had balance changes, it’s because the previous ones were incorrect. Are you sure your new balances are incorrect? Are they only different or are they indeed incorrect? If they are indeed incorrect, I’d suggest contacting us on the support because it’s private and 1:1, instead of the forum.

With regards to saving window size, position and other settings, these should be saved when you have the highlighted checkbox in System Preferences/General unchecked. Cashculator 2 is a document-based application, so it follows macOS’s document conventions. We may reconsider it in the future but stuff like window location is machine-specific, so not necessarily a good idea to keep it in the document itself. So we use Mac’s own system to remember window locations and other view settings of the window (like what tab is open and what horizon is shown). This system’s working depends on this checkbox, and as you see what it say under the checkbox, it describes what you’re asking for. I’m almost sure that you have this checkbox checked right now.

We’re also working now on features for version 2.1. Stuff like CSV export and muting of categories is almost ready but we had these bugs to iron out.