Cashculator 2.1.2 release notes

This release focuses on stability and usability improvements based on your feedback.
When you write to us (here or in support), we take notice.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for some common commands related to categories.
    • “Add a new group” — Command-Option-G.
    • “Add a new category inside” — Command-Option-C.
    • “Add a new top-level category” — Command-Option-Control-C.
    • Remove category — Command-Option-Shift-Delete.
  • Improved restoration of document view state between launches.
    • Document view state is now saved into the document and is not dependent on a system setting.
  • Improved forecasts for average plans with little history of actual transactions.
  • Show an alert before deleting a category with transactions.
  • Improved reliability of showing Cashculator documents in Finder after renaming and other file operations.
  • Fixed caret not showing when switching to Description field in transactions.
  • Fixed some calculations with negative-amount plans.
  • Fixed category name not refreshing in Both view after renaming.
  • Fixed QuickView graphs not refreshing after deleting transactions or after undo.
  • Fixed Balance graph calculations when no manual reconciliation amount is entered.
  • Disabled beeping when hitting non-accepted keys when entering transactions.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.