Cashculator 2.1 is out with CSV Export

CSV Export was the most-requested feature since the 2.0 release. We’re now working on CSV import as well.

  • NEW: Export to a CSV file.
    • Export any table (including reconciliation and reports)
    • Export list of transactions.
    • Find “Export” commands in the File menu.
  • NEW: Disabling of categories.
    • Disabled categories don’t affect totals and allow for quick simple “what-ifs”.
    • Find “Disable” commands in a category’s context menu (right-click on a category), or in the Categories submenu in Edit menu.
  • IMPROVED: Standalone “new document” window
  • UX improvements and Bug fixes

I’m so glad you managed to implement the CSV export! Now the software is becoming as useful as I was expecting it to be. Great job, thanks for this.

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Glad to hear you find CSV export useful. What do you intend to use it for? I’m asking in case it’s something that may be well-served in Cashculator itself.

Sure - I’m planning for retirement and need to compare different scenarios, e.g. different ages of retirement.
Exporting data of 2 scenarios allows me to play with the numbers in Excel.
If CC could implement a sort of scenario comparison, then I’d probably not use the export.
Maybe other similar use cases could benefit from it… but that’s just my need :wink:

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