Cashculator 2.4.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Transactions Sidebar Enhancements:
    • Totals display at the sidebar’s bottom.
    • Support for multiple-transaction operations including copy, move, delete, and drag-sort. Totals update for selected transactions only.
    • Display of repeat counts and new icons for recurring transactions.
  • Improved Navigation:
    • Switch keyboard focus between sidebar and spreadsheet table with T.
    • Set start/end dates for the sidebar from the selected column in the spreadsheet:
      • Using new buttons near the dates.
      • Using keyboard: Press S to take the column’s start date and E to take the column’s end date.
    • Access sidebar search field directly with Command-F.
      • If called from sidebar, will just focus on the field
      • If called from the spreadsheet, will reset to All Transactions and clear it before focusing
    • Delete selected transactions in sidebar with the Delete key.
  • Sidebar User Interface Updates:
    • Move and Delete transaction buttons relocated to the Totals area.
    • Enhanced animations and sorting.
    • Improved sorting by transaction note.
    • Animated some changes.
    • Improved keyboard navigation.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • CSV Import Enhancements:
    • Fixes for recognizing numbers with thousands separators and parsing dates in two-year format.
    • Display adjustments for dates and monetary values.
  • Icons Update:
    • New icons for recurrent and non-recurrent transactions to improve clarity.