Cashculator beta 11

I know, the number of beta is getting ridiculous but we are working daily on making the application better and more ready to release. We’re doing more QA and UX review now so some changes are inevitable. We’re also fixing some real data-related bugs.

Download beta 11 from

What’s new:

  • New document now open in Income screen
  • Import from Cashculator v1 dialog has better interaction and copy
  • Update “Horizon” to “Time Horizon” in the menu. And add the title to the Time Horizon popup.
  • Add tooltips to main menu buttons and toolbar items
  • Hide “Add new transaction” button in transactions quick view for groups
  • Improve (or fix) duplicating scenarios (data was duplicated incorrectly in some cases)
  • Disable transactions’s Save button until data is entered
  • Improvements to the Guide (remember where stopped). More changes to the guide are coming next
  • Added Tuition category to Student template
  • Display a 0 amount, if there’s data in the cell that rounds down to 0.
  • Fix: graphs print with darks background in dark mode
  • Added “Open Recent” button to the template wizard, to open the last document
  • Remove custom tinting for toolbar items
  • Typing digits into an editable Starting Balance cell in Reconcile will start editing the cell
  • Replace “VS” to “vs” in a report name
  • Update Welcome Window buttons
    • Remove Quickguide
    • Add Show Intro Guide
    • Add Open Sample Document
    • Move Get Support to Stay in Touch section