Cashculator beta 12

A new beta is out with a lot of polish. We now plan to release version 2.0 in the Mac App Store in August.
Download the beta from:

What’s new:

  • The long intro guide is now split into a shorter Intro Guide and guides for specific features
  • The intro guide can be shown from the Welcome Screen (and the Help menu)
  • Add a “Sign up for Cashculator newsletter”
  • Fix: showing guides and the sample document from read-only volumes (from the DMG or translocated)
  • Fix: multiple lines in transaction notes causes misalignment
  • Change design of selected column and cell borders
  • Fix: selected column border could be shown over categories list when opening a document
  • Add a “close window” button to guide windows
  • Fix: incorrect dates in printed graphs
  • Make it more consistent how new transaction can be created using keyboard or mouse
  • Improve design of “actual vs plan mini-graph” in transactions list
  • Show the “actual vs plan mini-graph” in plan transactions, too
  • Updated Credits

Hi Jacob,

When can I expect to see the new app in the app store? The beta trial has ended for me.

Screenshot 2022-08-14 at 10.41.25 PM


The new beta is now in TestFlight. Have you used TestFlight for betas before?
Here’s the link to join the beta test Join the Cashculator: Easy Finances beta - TestFlight - Apple.
It’s almost the final version for release (that’s already approved by Apple) but the TestFlight beta version is lagging behind in review (go figure how Apple works). But the only difference there is in the design of the Welcome screen.

In the TestFlight beta, you should go through the In-app-purchase flow to unlock limitations (but you won’t be charged for the purchase in the beta, so no need to worry about it).

Let me know if you have any questions.