Cashculator beta 12

A new beta is out with a lot of polish. We now plan to release version 2.0 in the Mac App Store in August.
Download the beta from:

What’s new:

  • The long intro guide is now split into a shorter Intro Guide and guides for specific features
  • The intro guide can be shown from the Welcome Screen (and the Help menu)
  • Add a “Sign up for Cashculator newsletter”
  • Fix: showing guides and the sample document from read-only volumes (from the DMG or translocated)
  • Fix: multiple lines in transaction notes causes misalignment
  • Change design of selected column and cell borders
  • Fix: selected column border could be shown over categories list when opening a document
  • Add a “close window” button to guide windows
  • Fix: incorrect dates in printed graphs
  • Make it more consistent how new transaction can be created using keyboard or mouse
  • Improve design of “actual vs plan mini-graph” in transactions list
  • Show the “actual vs plan mini-graph” in plan transactions, too
  • Updated Credits