Cashculator beta 3

The new Cashculator beta is now available at

Beta 3 changes:

  • Cashculator 2 can now import Cashculator 1.x database as a new document
    • If you use this feature, please reply to this thread about how successful the import was
    • After launch, Cashculator 2 will try to detect Cashculator or Cashculator+ and display an “import” dialog.
    • If the database is in the standard locations for these applications, the Open Dialog should display the correct folder
    • If your CCDB file is in a custom folder, you can select this other folder instead.
    • Cashculator 2 will import all scenarios and categories, converting cell data into separate transactions
    • All transactions will be generated for the 1st of their month
    • Recurring transactions and comments will import as well
    • Average calculations for categories work differently in Cashculator 2 and it will try the best effort
    • Reconciliation starting balances will import on the 1st date of the month
    • Horizon settings will be imported as well
    • Icons are not imported since Cashculator 2 uses a different set of icons and doesn’t currently support custom ones
  • Bug fixes related to drawing
  • Fix reconciliation calculations when there are multiple scenarios in the document
  • Improved drawing of highlighted column’s borders in reports and other tables.
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