Cashculator beta 5

Beta 5 is now out. Download it from

Release Notes

  • Quick-view of transactions improved. Now has sortable headers, shows the date and the category of a transaction if no description was entered

  • Quick-view of transactions can now be done on group rows, showing all the transactions in the subcategories

  • Fix a crash when importing a Cashculator 1 cell in a specific format (thank you, @dmitryd)

  • Fix undo in tables

  • Cancelling an addition of a new category will now delete it

  • Improved the appearance of graphs in reports

  • Combine calculations for a column that includes today’s date were reverted from date-precise calculations that were introduced in later betas. They are now again based on summing the actual and plans of the whole column, making it more similar to how it worked in Cashculator 1 (@dmitryd )

  • Improvements to printing

    • Added printing of the Reconciliation table (print from the Reconcile screen)
    • Tables can now print multiple sections on one page if space allows. See an example of a Reconcile table printed in this way below: