Cashculator beta 7

Beta 7 is out. It’s identical to beta 6 (we didn’t want to publish some changes that are not finished yet or not relevant to the beta) but has a new 3-week beta period.

Download from:

Jacob , it’s good, please freeze it , tell us how much we need to pay to upgrade and lets go. From your anxious customer in Bangkok.

PS next revision , iPhone friendly version to sync with the desktop please.

Thank you for the kind words. We are indeed pretty much frozen on features now. The work left is related to the initial in-app user guide/tutorial, the actual payment/trial mode support and the related marketing work such as the web site, Mac App Store descriptions, screenshots and such. We were initially planning to submit it today but we are behind because of some work with ImageFramer that got in the middle and other delays. We’d rather make it better than hurried.

We plan for Cashculator to only be available on the Mac App Store at this time, without direct download from our site because some features that are available to Mac App Store apps may be relevant later (like if we release an iOS/iPadOS app). It will not be a subscription, at least not until we can justify having one, which is probably not soon.

Thanks for the update. I will visit and download from the Mac App store. My only tiny concern is that the US has its own App store and some apps there do not appear out here. We say TIT meaning This Is Thailand when weird things happen. I know you have other Thai users so fingers crossed.

I know it is a labour of love for you and CC2 deserves to do well it is a unique product.


We don’t limit our apps by country, so Cashculator should appear in Thailand App Stores as well.

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