Cashculator isn't remembering the recurring figures at reopening

Cashculator isn’t putting the correct recurrence, e.g weekly, fortnightly, when I reopen the app.

My income is both 2 and 4 weekly and never vary, and I keep having to reset the figures as they bear no resemblance to what I’m seeing. It also changes between Actual and Plan and it is driving me bonkers!

Has anyone else had the same problems?

PS what is the difference between actual and plan in terms of routine incomings and outgoings? I know that my Groceries is a category that will change but 99.5% of everything else is fixed, only going up with interest rates.

I don’t think that we currently remember the recurrence between launches of the app. In fact, from my quick check, the specific recurrence number (say 2 for weeks) is not even remember between one transaction to the next one. Only the fact if it uses recurrence or not is currently remembered (along with the “automatically fill in actuals” option). I’ll add it to our roadmap to remember these settings better.

Also, Actuals don’t have any of these options at all since actuals don’t recur by themselves, so I’m not sure what you’re asking in the second part of your question. Could you elaborate?

Plans have more options and can recur and are taken into account when looking into the future. For past dates, plans are not taken into account and only actuals are (but plans are kept, so you can compare your actuals vs your plans). The different ways in how actuals and planned transactions are looked at by Cashculator can be seen in the Combined view, which takes actuals for past and the largest of plan or actuals for the future. The numbers in the Combined view are also the ones that are used for all the balance graphs and reconciliation calculations, so it’s a good way to understand if the data that you enter is serving you well.

For convenience, if your plans (say recurring, like salary) are not changing and actual amounts should be exactly the same, you can check the “automatically fill in actuals” checkbox for these plan transactions and then, when the date comes (or back if some or all of these planned transactions are in the past), Cashculator will create the corresponding actual transactions by itself. In fact, those actual transactions that were created automatically are internally connected to the plan, so unchecking that checkbox later will ask you if you want to keep the actual transactions (if not, they’ll get deleted too).

would it be OK if I attached my file - don’t worry, there’s not much on there so I wouldn’t be compromised.

@Helen77 If you want to attach a file privately, you can email it to our support email ( and we can continue the discussion over the support ticketing system in private. Also, please explain why you want to attach it, i.e. what should we look for in the file. I’ve so far been answering your questions here since they were generic and didn’t require access to your data.

I was expecting Cashculator to hang on to the suffix like Finder or Preview when I changed the name.

@Helen77 Yeah, we’ll need to see why it doesn’t behave as other apps here. How did you perform the renaming originally, when it broke?

I’ll send it to support. It’s a hit-and-miss problem though.

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