Changing *amount* in a recurring transaction

Like lots of people I have a lot of recurring transactions but when I edited one just now, not only did it populate into the future but it populated back in time.

I went back to the first occurrence of the payment, hoping to define an end date, but despite being in Combine mode, I saw it as a single transaction - i.e there was no end date option. I checked the other of this particular row and it is the same.

How do I change the amount going forward without it affecting already paid payments? I don’t want to change files as and when each recurring transaction increases in price! I can add a new transaction, but short of using my calculator to work out how much it has gone up, I can’t think of an alternative way around it.

Yes, we want to improve this flow. That being said, you should be able to set an end date to a planned recurring transaction. Are you sure you’re looking at the plan one? Actuals won’t have the End date setting.

To quickly end an existing transaction on when you want to create a new plan, go to the month when you want to change, edit the transaction and click on that “list” icon to the right of End on (see screenshot). It will suggest two ending dates based on the current column and recurrence pattern.

After you adjust the end date, create a new plan with the new amount.
We do have a plan to update the recurring plan changing where it’ll ask you what you actually want to change when editing a plan like that and will automate the end dates and creating of a new transaction if all you want it to change the plan going forward. We’ll aim to release this change in May since it will help this scenario greatly.