Clear All History Option

In case it matters, I’m a paying customer. Generally really pleased.

But I’ve noticed that over time Eter has gotten slower and more often than not doesn’t pick up a stream.

I use Eter primarily to stream MSNBC, BBC, and Al-Jazeera. By far the most streams I have listened to were on MSNBC.

It became so undependable and slowed down to a crawl. On a lark I looked at my History and every stream that I had ever listened to was saved there.

I deleted them one by one - I should’ve counted, I know - but there were tons.

Ideally this could be handled in 1 or 2 ways - a “Clear All History” button in the history window and a "Delete stream after [criteria] - 24 hours?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this; if I need to post it elsewhere please let me know - thanks

Hi, @kuramotonyc and welcome.
Yes, this is a good place to post this. Thank you for your suggestions.

I wonder if you think that slowness is in some way related to history. It shouldn’t be the case, but it’s not clear if this is what you meant.

Thanks for the reply Jacob - good to be here!

One other thing i realized after posting this. I would attempt to start a stream with Eter and it would go for a blip - a second at most, then stop playing. Hitting the play button again might or might not play another second. Sometimes nothing happened. I thought might’ve been a Bluetooth thing - so I tried it with corded Apple earbuds - same behavior.

I’m on a 14 Pro with 512GB with 408GB in use ; checking the General–>Storage, it says I’m running Eter v2.0.1 with an app size of 20.1MB and Documents and Data of 9.5MB. I thought maybe I was running up to a cache size limit or object count limit or something. I’m listening now and will check Documents and Data later today and see if it’s changed at all.

There is a way to clear history from the Settings screen:

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Made sense that it would be there.

If I change the Setting in Eter on my Mac vs my iPhone, do my settings travel with me, or are they device-local?

And - I quit Eter on my phone and went back to Storage, and Eter is now using 9.6MB. A small amount admittedly - but this is based on 30 minutes of playing news. I swapped out your app for SiriusXM a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I just used too much storage?

9.6MB is really a small amount of storage. I don’t think this has any connection to the stuttering in playing unless you may be completely at 0 free space and even then you’ll probably have larger problems than this. The stuttering is more like to be a result of network condition / quality of internet connection, in my opinion.