Coming soon: Cashculator 2.2 with CSV Import

Hey dear forum readers,

We have a big update coming next week, including:

  • CSV Import
  • Move or Duplicate any transaction
  • Color Themes, including special themes designed for different kinds of Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)
  • Zoom
  • A new Blank template for faster budget customization
  • and of course, bug fixes!

See more details in the new articles on our home page ( and also in the Release Notes.

Please note that beginning with this update, we are moving to a subscription model, with the option of choosing either a monthly or yearly subscription. Users who purchase before this change occurs will be grandfathered in, meaning anyone who bought with the in-app purchase will continue to get all future updates without needing to subscribe.

This update also requires macOS 12 or later (macOS Monterey or Ventura)

More soon, once we release! :slight_smile:

I have v2.1.3 from the App Store, so does that mean I am grandfathered in for future releases?

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Exactly! Assuming you have purchased the unlocked version of 2.1.3 via the single in-app purchase ($49.99 USD), you will be able to continue to update without the need for further purchases. Thank you for your early support!