Confused about Actual and Plan

The only way I can put a repeating event is to mark it as a Planned event. All my income comes in as regular as clockwork, thus I’d like to put it as Actual but can’t. It just won’t cooperate, in either income or expense.

Well, that’s how it’s designed since Actuals are one-time transactions. But: you can have plans convert to Actuals automatically when the checkbox “Automatically fill in actuals” in the plan is checked.
This way you get the benefit of both having the plan correctly for the future and then benefit of actuals being created on time. So you get both recurring plan and recurring actual for the price of one :slight_smile: . I hope this helps.

Ahhh, I see. Thanks for unconfusing me.

I also have problems setting up recurring events in either Actual and Plan :crying_cat_face:. One set-up session it might be Actual and another it be Plan.

I’m determined to master Cashculator and I apologise for the number of posts.

Sorry, I don’t understand the last post. Actuals don’t have recurring events, as I wrote before. What kind of a problem do you experience?

sorry. Coming back to this, I don’t remember what I was thinking.