Could we have the app be resizable smaller?

I love this app but I don’t see any reason why it needs to be large enough to take up 1/3rd of my screen all the time. Could we just make the window resizable down to something smaller? Optimally I’d like to have it be shrinkable to something like a mini player so I can have the artwork floating in a corner, but even just being able to resize it down to the width of the top bar controls would be an improvement.

This is specifically an issue with me because I use a tiling window manager, but even without that, it’s a pain.


One thing we’re working on, that may solve your problem, is a mini-player that’ll live from the menu bar of the Mac. This mini-player will have the option to bypass the current main window. I hope it’ll fit your requirements.

That should work fine, so long as the controls are still accessible from it. Thanks!

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