Date-Based Filter?


Is there any way I could add a filter which acts by date (“Files changed today, this week, this month, etc”)? If not, would you consider this?

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Hi, there’s no filter like that indeed. It could be added but:
Trickster was not planned to be a full repository of files for long term, like DEVONthink or the file system in general.
How do you see yourself using this?

Yes, I understand that Trickster is for quick-access, ephemeral lists of files - not a permanent repository.

That said, sometimes it seems somewhat random whether a given item will or will not be detected by Trickster. Perhaps it misses items which are created or edited while other apps take priority over Trickster or for some other timing reason?

Actually rather than a freestanding filter by time what would be nice would be a way to force a re-scan of a filter over a given timeframe. So if for example I am monitoring a given folder, I don’t expect Trickster to show me the entire contents of that folder - but it would be very helpful for me to rescan that folder/filter for “Today” or “This week” or whatever so I can then browse the Trickster results and know for sure that this is a complete list of everything created or modified in that timeframe.

Somewhat related- sometimes when I sort by time, the sort does not occur as expected and new items continue to be added at locations other than the top of the filter output. Is there some way to have the ability to more robustly sort within a filter by various criteria, including date created vs date modified vs date added to Trickster?

Some interesting ideas there, like rescanning.
It’s not possible to sort by different date types. Trickster itself only keeps one date for sorting. Indeed, this date can have different sources, like edited or opened. But I believe that in the vast majority of cases this behaviour is the better one. I want to always remember, when deciding on features for Trickster, that it’s not Spotlight replacement and while it uses Spotlight as one of its sources, the goal for Trickster is not be quick to use, and easy to navigate. Adding more options that 99% of people won’t necessarily use but which complicate the user interface or speed for 100% of customers is not something that I prioritize highly. I will make notes of such requests and if they start to be repeated from other customers or if they sound helpful for a high percentage of customers, or open market for new customers (like integrations with other apps), then I prioritize them higher.

When I think of a more generally applicable solution to your request, maybe having an option to display the date that Trickster uses for sorting, or even better, have the items be grouped by dates (say a group for today, last 7 days etc) could be helpful.

Agreed - I think displaying the date that Trickster is using and - especially -the option to rescan would be really helpful