Display is replicating tracked documents multiple times

The display replicates files. Some documents show once, while others show up to four times. For a replicated document, all have the same file path. I assume this is the same document, and seeing it listed multiple times. The display is a bit over-bloated. I would like to see the documents listed once, if possible.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?
Can this be fixed?
Is there a preference for managing this? Or is this an issue on my end with my computer?


Thank you for reporting this. It’s not something that should happen, really. Trickster should detect and combine events for files that are already listed and not display multiple copies of the same file ever. Nor did I hear about this happening, at least not in a long time.

I would suggest clearing the list by deleting all files and seeing if it repeats.
In case it does, and if your configuration of watched and other folders/text is not very complicated, I would even suggest opening the database folder and deleting the database to start fresh.

Please let me know how you proceed and what else you find.

Thank you for the reply. The issue has gone away without having to implement any of the suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind if this occurs again.

Shortly after writing my initial message I performed some cleaning and optimization on the computer. Since then, it appears Trickster is operating as it should and displaying files only once. There are no more duplicates.

For anyone having similar issues, I suggest following Jacobs suggestions. I would have followed them if the issue continued.


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Thank you for the update.
In general, Trickster itself will do a clean up of non-existing once an hour. So if some items that were added no longer exist and Trickster missed that they don’t, they should clean within an hour.