Edits take a long time when sheets contain long durations of values

I created a sheet that had a single recurring monthly expense (with auto updating actuals) starting January 2011. It took quite some time for the values to appear. Editing these values also takes a long time to complete.

Ok, so that’s good to know. It had to fill all the actuals from January 2011, since it was already in the past. But certainly its shouldn’t take “a while”. How many columns did you have in your spreadsheet overall (how many years front and back and were the columns weekly or monthly)?

I left the defaults and only updated the Past months to be 12 years. I can say that as I started to migrate my whole CC1 scenario over to CC2 the sheet edits and saves started taking a long time. CC1 has all my data captured from 2011.

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How’s the performance with beta 2 now? I specifically worked on this, so I hope it’s satisfactory now.

I’m actually just going through and entering data into the new version from my old. It seems snappy, but so far I’ve just entered 1 category back to 2011 without selecting to do actuals. I’ll be entering some more with this option selected and checking how it all goes. I did see one issue where I had entered a recurring with no end date, and then updating it to not have a recurrence and the values in the subsequent months stayed. I have tried to replicate yet, so I’ll do that in a bit and if it happens again I’ll let you know the repeat steps.

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I would call this resolved as far as I can tell. It’s super snappy now @Jacob!!!

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