How do I enter 2-weekly entries?

I’m new to Cashculator and all my income is fortnightly. I don’t understand how I put fortnightly (or weekly) amounts in without just doing Copy and Paste into the future.

Hope there’s someone around to help me as most of the posts are at least two yeast old.

@Lynnie Hi and welcome.
You enter future transactions, like bi-weekly ones, as recurring plan transactions.
Make sure you set the view mode (selector in the bottom-center of the window) to Plan (or both).
Then when you enter a transaction, there’s a checkbox to allow recurring transactions.
There, you can specify how often to repeat it, select 2 weeks, like in the screenshot below:

Does this answer your question?

Thanks Jacob. I just couldn’t see where I had to go! :grinning:

Is it possible to total Groups, e g Food, Bills?

The groups’s rows shows the totals for what inside of them for each column.
If you want totals over a longer period of time than one column, then currently it’s a no but we’re going to do that basically the next thing by adding totals to the Transactions sidebar, on the bottom of the list, since that sidebar allows listing transactions by any row or date period or a combination of there of.

I need to keep tabs on the monthly grocery outgoings, and I’ve had 3 weeks of big food bills and though Cashculator totals along the top of the category I would like some kind of totals per month in the weekly view if you see what I mean. At the moment it means I have to manually total it up to see how much I’ve got left in that envelope.

I understand. Not sure how you see it being presented or accessed.
You can quickly switch to the monthly view now and see monthly totals. You don’t have to always stay in the weekly view.