How to delete an entry in Cashculator 2

How do I get the delete and or edit function to work ? I click on the eye and get the delete window, but it will not work. Is it me ? thank you John

yes, you’re on the right track. You hit the eye icon (or hit Space or right-click on the cell). Then select the row of the transaction that you want to edit or delete. Or you can double-click the row of the transaction that you want to edit.

Does this help?

Jacob, I must still be doing something wrong. Doing both things, as you said only brings up the edit or delete window, But will not allow you to do anything with the keys.

When you see the window with delete and edit buttons, click on the entry first and then you can edit or delete it :slight_smile: It takes time to figure it out but then it looks perfectly logical :slight_smile:

I’m not happy that it takes time to figure it out (bad user experience) but not sure how to fix it. Maybe it should select the top entry when the dialog appears, making edits available. What do you think ?

I would say if there is just one transaction (as it is in most cases), there should be no dialog at all. Backspace should delete the entry and typing should open the edit window.

With multiple transactions it would make sense to preselect the first entry.

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