How to perform 12000/12 data entry similar to Cashculator 1

I’m starting to play a bit more and was going to enter a bill that only occurs once every year. But I want to be able to save 1/12th of that bill each month. In CC1 I would type the value / the number of months and it would fill for the period specified. How do you envision users do this with CC2?

I can see that the 100*6 and 20@2 case are easily handled with CC2, and I can even see how adding multiple entries into a single cell acheives the +. But I can’t see an easy way within CC2 to do the 12000/12 case without using a calculator outside of CC2.

Yes, there’s no way to do that now. The / shortcut in CC1 would also create the “transaction” itself over the specified number of months, which is probably not what you want here.
I think that at the moment it’s not so important as dividing is easy to do in Spotlight or any other calculator (if the problem is to get the number right).

I did think about having some of the old shortcuts like @ work by turning on recurring options and switching the focus there, as a quick shortcut. Of course, it can also be any other shortcut, this will just be consistent with CC1 (but strange otherwise).

Fair enough, it’s not difficult as you say to do the math outside, just wondering if I missed something in the new design.