"Invalid URL or no station name" error when trying to add station manually

Hi -

I’m receving this error when I try to manually add a station with the following parameters:

I have been able to create one other station successfully. The URL for the audio specified above is verified as working with other apps and the link for the artwork is used by the stations that are built in to this app.

Thanks -

Hi. FLACM used in this stream is not supported. Basically Eter supports streams that web browser can open and play (and this one is not). The artwork URL has nothing to do with the stream itself, and AFAIK Radio Paradise provides streams in other format too. Anyway Eter is constantly developed so we will try to extend number of supported formats in the future.

Hi Krystian -

I am able to play the link that I posted above. I tested it with Firefox on MacOS Sonoma.