Is use average plan working?

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the average plan feature to work. Does it?

For best results, average plan needs a few months (or weeks, depending on what you select for your spreadsheet) worth of actual data to base its average from. It doesn’t build the average from plans, only from actuals. That being, there is specific bug with average plans where it may show overly high predictions if you only have a few recent actual transactions because then it thinks there are more coming in the same month etc. We’re working to fix it for the next update.

If my reply doesn’t cover your use-case or is unclear, please give me more details about how it doesn’t work for you, so that I could understand your case.

Ahhh, okay… I see how it works! Thanks :slight_smile:

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To me it seems, that Cashculator can’t deal correctly with 2 months. I just entered my expenses for the month of March (I started here and I am working towards the past). When I entered something for February, it was simply added to the value of March, so say, I had 600€ in March and 100€ in February, the calculated value was 700€ instead of 350€ (divided by 2). As soon as I entered also something for January, Cashculator showed the correct value (divided by 3). That’s what I observed here…

@cremoer Yes, that was a recent change where we don’t start averaging until more than a couple of columns of data are filled (so months in the months view). Averages don’t work by just dividing month columns. They work using more precise period from the first transaction until today (so for a weekly view it would also work similarly) but this method creates skewed data for short periods of actual transactions and it was confusing customers too, so we changed it to require more actual data.
Does this make sense or is it still confusing?