Issue selecting date in expense data entry UI?

Hi Jacob,

Long time no talk. I’ve just installed the beta 7 update and selected a complete scenario to do a bit of testing. I tried to enter a monthly repeating value for Mortgage and I couldn’t set the start date as I expected. Here are my repeat steps:

  1. Starting with a blank scenario select the cell in the Mortgage row for today’s date and start typing the value (say $10)
  2. Select Recurring Cycle
  3. Leave the repeat as every 1 Months
  4. Click on the date time picker to select a new start date
  5. Try to select a start date in the following month

This didn’t work for me… can you see if it’s an issue?


I should add that it seemed like I could select a starting date on any other day in the current month. I guess you are forcing users to only enter data in the date range of the cell they have already selected.
ahhh ok I just tested this and yeah it looks like you have locked the UI into the date range of the cell that the user selected :thinking:

I guess I can’t be lazy and have to navigate around the timeline during data entry instead of just manipulating the date in the data entry UI.

Yeah, I’m still debating if that’s the right approach. There are reasons for keeping it limited because otherwise, the entered transaction will appear in an unexpected place (not where the popover is pointing) and it may be hard to find it if you got the wrong date by mistake. Keeping the date limited keeps the behaviour of the UI more logical and expected. I don’t remember now if you can edit the transaction date on a transaction to take it to another month or week. If not, this should be addressed. Or the whole limitation removed, perhaps.

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After reflection I can accept the way it’s been implemented. It’s less flexible, but consistent with the way the categories are displayed.

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