Microsoft Online Files

Is there a way to get Trickster to monitor Microsoft Online files (that is, those that open from online within Word). I’ve tried to get it to monitor the Onedrive folder, but files opened within Word don’t seem to be noticed.

The “files opened within” Word is a general problem because Word doesn’t “announce” to the system that it opens files when it does (it doesn’t update Date Last Opened attribute of files, maybe especially for OneDrive files but probably not only). Does it show in Trickster for you if you edit the file and save back to OneDrive?

No. It doesn’t. Microsoft never did work and play will with others. I suspect the problem is the files are actually stored online. I can download them via the OneDrive app, but it still doesn’t work. I think Word still goes directly online even with that app installed.

I think the problem is actually general with Word, but edited files used to show since it’s different mechanism at work than tracking opened files. It can be, though, that files in these special “cloud” folders like OneDrive don’t work well. Dropbox folders work well, in general, though.