Pie chart or bar chart

I would absolutely love either of the charts mentioned in my subject line as a simple line chart doesn’t (& can’t) drill down to totals as visual representations so I can see where I can or can’t cut back if I needed to tighten my belt. A column of numbers or a line aren’t very meaningful to me while bars or slices of a ‘cake’ do.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I suppose you wanted them to be by category or by category groups, right? Or total and then drill-down by levels. We had something like that planned and / or a stacked bar chart (groups/top-level categories stacked).

You can export transactions to .csv and then you can create all kinds of graphs, right? Well, if Cashculator could generate one or two graphs (one bar and one pie-type chart) without having to export the data, I’ll be super-excited!