Report shows no balance if starting balance hasn't been entered

Hi, as mentioned in the title, reports show a balance of 0 if the starting balance hasn’t been entered. Once it has, it shows the income correctly. It continues to work, even if the starting balance is removed.

We can consider it’s a bug, probably, we’ll take a look. Thank you for reporting.

Cashculator should ask you to enter a starting balance once a launch when you go to the Reconcile screen, and there’s no data entered. There’s not much benefit of using Cashculator without having some kind of a starting balance, anyway and most people don’t have a precisely 0 balance.

If I misunderstood your report, please let me know.

I confirmed the bug with reports and will add it to our tasks

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Thanks Jacob! I think I was only prompted to enter a balance after looking at the reconcile screen…

Right, that’s where the prompt appears since this is where it should be entered. Periodically managing the reconcile screen is quite central to the continuous use of the app. If you’re in a monthly mode, then usually the best time to update it is on the first day(s) of the month, since it’s easier to calculate total balance for the beginning of the month. So, on Feb 1st it’ll open the cell to enter balance for the start of Feb 1st, which then will be compared to the calculated (by Cashculator) expected ending balance for January and any unaccounted amount will show up in the table, which you can either ignore (since you’ve updated your correct balance anyway) or correct your data for January to reduce the unaccountable amount.

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I read the above posts and I’m still in the dark. I don’t understand why the column to the left of the cell you put the Starting Balance has the Unaccounted figure which mirrors the Starting Balance

Helen, I agree it’s confusing. It’s probably better (for Cashculator) to remove it before the first real balance.

In general, it shows there because the balance on 30 Jan 23 is 0 (as nothing else is entered or calculated) and balance on 6 Feb is 402.36. And there are probably no transactions that explain where the 402.36 number comes from.