Right click on cell to show same UI as the Eyeball icon

It took me ages to figure out why I couldn’t edit values that I had already entered into a cell until I found the eyeball icon. Then I realised that I had entered multiple values into the same cell and could manage them individually.

I really like this expanded feature, but could a right click on the cell also show the same eyeball menu?

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 4.02.52 pm

Hmm. Right click could work, too.
Also, hitting the Space works, if you’re a keyboard kind of person.
You’re the second person to report that it’s hard to find. Another person couldn’t find how to see entered transactions at all.

I’m not going to lie… it took me a long time!

Nice! Thanks for the tip

It also took me a long time :slight_smile: But the space bar is a good simplification

We’ll implement right-clicking for now.
Longer-term, past 2.0, we’re thinking of adding a proper sidebar on the right for the details view of the cell, so clicking on cell would immediately show all the transactions there in a long list.