Searching or listing transactions in Cashculator

Note: I was unable to post it under Cashculator, because the tags were not working. If someone can move it as a “Cashculator/Question”, I’d be grateful.


I’m using Cashculator 2 for some time now, and I’m very happy with what I got. However, as life goes on, I can’t keep the discipline of entering everything on time, so things slip.

To fix this, I get my card statements and try to re-enter them retrospectively however, as categories grow and transactions pile up, making sure that I’m not entering the same transaction becomes harder and harder.

Is it possible to get a plain list of transactions for a month (or a time period) in Cashculator, so I can cross-check transactions with statements, see duplicates and accelerate the ingestion process?

Since Cashculator keeps a DB in their documents, I think it’s something relatively easy to do, but mine is armchair engineering at this point.

Thanks a lot for the great product,



Hi, @bayindirh, and welcome.
First of all, thank you for the note about not being able to post under Cashculator. It looks like I misconfigured tags requirements when adding “Calm my dog” category to the forums, which prevented these tags to work in other categories, like Cashculator’s.

Now, to your question. We do plan on introducing search and better listing capabilities in Cashculator. We’ve identified that it will be a helpful addition for searching, of course, and also for managing a larger number of transactions, like moving them around etc. Our designer is already working on the user interface for this. So just hang tight while we implement this.

Hi @Jacob,

Thanks for the quick reply and fixing the forums. Adding more features to the listing feature is a good idea. Sometimes transactions also needs to be moved around, too. You 're right. I can of course wait. Having something well-baked and well rounded is much better than rushing things around.

However, if you ever roll-out beta versions for these features, I’ll happily test them.



Thank you for being supportive and suggesting to be a beta tester.
We may release a beta version on TestFlight, too. We had public testing before the 2.0 release but don’t have any active version in external testing at the moment.

I’d also highly appreciate such a feature. Perhaps you could use the “export transactions as csv” as a workaround. But it would indeed be cool to be able to list all the transactions in a chronological order, even cooler with a filter (for notes or categories or whatever, date range)
A list and/or calendar overview of the recurring expenses would also be nice.
I think, these features would make matching the entries in Cashculator with reality a bit easier.

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