Some improvement about import and template

Import CSV is really a great feature. Some way of improvement :

  • stop and resume import in progress. Really import in case of bog import.
  • Or in case I need to import the same incomplete file, a clear sign previous import is fully recognised

in case of error while importing, check, classification of transactions is a very complex task :

  • you need to select transaction and sometime you can’t fully see the name or amount
  • a great feature would be have a look ta some kind of inspector windows on the right side when I select a transaction group
  • and be able to move a transaction from one group to another using a simple drag and drop

Hope this will help for future update without complexity this so good software


Hi, @olivenoire. Thank you for the kind words about Import CSV. Could you elaborate on what you mean by “step and resume import in progress”?

We are actually developing a sidebar for list of transactions in a cell, or from a search. So this should help moving them. You can move them now using buttons in the transactions list but no drag and drop now. Drag and drop is not a bad idea at all, though, at least for moving transactions between categories. Moving between columns may be a problem for what date to set but we could always set the first day of the column as the date, as we do for new transactions’ default dates.

Once again, thank you for reply and follow up.

Sorry for typo and misconfusing as English is not my native language

The original sentence was : “stop and resume import in progress. Really import in case of BIG import”.

I had once to stop encoding a big import and had to encode again previously encoded transaction. It can be very long.
In second step, I’ve discovered when selecting say “description” and “amount”, calculator is able to detect a transaction previously affected to a group.
What I mean is is a data already exist and I’m trying to import a second time a transaction, it could be great to confirm it already exist by example applying a colour to the transaction or something like this?

One more thing :

I would like to create personal template :
In my case I need to create an another scenario for an another account.
If I duplicate the scenario (to keep my structure) it copy paste the transaction.
I would like to have a blank structure.

possible? :slight_smile:

Custom “real” templates for new documents are not yet possible.
You could save a file without transactions but with the structure that you want as your template document (just a regular Cashculator document) and duplicate it in Finder for each new file that you want to start with this “template”.

How many Cashculator documents do you use? If more than one, like you say, then what’s in each document? I want to understand because while we did the application document-based, we want to understand for which use-cases people use more than one document.


Because I’ve populated my file, I can’t delete transaction easily. But, custom template is not a must have. BTW :
I’ve created a new scenario with brand new catégories and that’s fine

If I have to make a choice, I would rather prefer transaction management instead of custom template :slight_smile:

I’me using actually 2 scenarios (and next week 3 documents for 3 different accounts and 3 business).

I will have 3 accounts for

  • my personal
  • my commun with wife
  • my professional as independent.

Maybe I should create 3 document but in my mind it is easier to get 3 scenarios all in one document.
Hope it will not interact between each others inside the same document.

Here is the thing :

Import for professional is WIP

And private account :

Edit : I do not recommend to use the same file for 2 different “account”.

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Thank you for the detailed response.
I know I haven’t responded in while and I wanted to share that we’re almost done with the sidebar feature that will allow better search and management of transactions.

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Hey, sounds really good to me anyway.

Thanks again!

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Hi, we’ve opened the sidebar to public beta here: Cashculator 2.3 beta available on TestFlight. I’d love to know what you think about it.