Cashculator 2.3 beta available on TestFlight

Hi. We’re getting close to releasing Cashculator 2.3, which has two important new features and a few smaller improvements. Full release notes are below.

We’re opening this release for public beta after we’ve completed our internal testing. To start using the beta version, click on this link: Join the Cashculator — Personal Finance beta - TestFlight - Apple
If you don’t have TestFlight installed on your Mac, download it from the Mac App Store.

While your data should not be harmed by this release, we suggest that you make a copy of your document and work in the beta with the copy, just to be safe.

We’d like to know what you think about the new transactions sidebar feature, which is the most major change in this release, as well as anything else that you experience, whether you like it or not.

Note: While in beta, the version is set to 2.2.2

Changes since version 2.2.1:

New features:

  • Transactions sidebar (search transactions or see the selected cell, column or category)
  • In-app notifications. In this first iteration, these will let you know about new blog posts or other news. Check the bell icon on the bottom right of the main window.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • If you cancel when creating a new category, your selection will now return to the previously selected category as expected.
  • New categories will now be added below selected ones when this makes sense.
  • Resetting the selection in Reconcile view after transactions are edited (and in some other cases) should now work as expected. The selection will still reset for undo operations.
  • Cashculator will now remember your repeat step and time unit between edits of transactions.
  • Fixed CSV Import for numbers with currency symbols.

Thank you,
Susannah, Krystian, Braden and Jacob.

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Gave a try.
Transaction panel seems fine at first

About import :
unable at first

Then available if I select this :

Then after import (with no categories), no description occurs

Oliver, do these imported transactions actually have any other description written in them (if you look at them in the list in table cell (like previously, by pressing the Space bar when the cell is selected)?

I’m trying to understand if the problem is that the description is not showing in the sidebar or that the description was not imported from the CSV file (if you selected a column to be a description, like it seems you have).

I wonder why it wasn’t importing when you set the column to “Montant” . Are the negative amount in income there even make sense? Were these income or expenses?

Here is the original file. Only 5 columns. No other description.
What I can see is when imported with no category the initial description is swaped with the category “non trié” (not sort) description.

The column amount got positif and negative amount.
What I’ve see is when "montant (amount) is selected : not able to import
If I select “income” (to be able to import) then select “amount” : it imports in income
If I select “expense” (to be able to import) then select “amount” : it imports in expense

BTW a great improvement would be after the import with no category to be able to drag and drop transactions in the good category instead of edit
Because with lot of category it is a mess to select between long sub menu

Could you share with me (contact on support or direct message in the forum) some rows of the CSV file?
Feel free to change the amounts and descriptions, if needed.

I’m saying this because I don’t see this problem of Import not being enabled with “Amount” type column is chosen for a file similar to yours. So maybe it’s something to do with the specific structure of your file, in some way.

Also, if you selected the long column of text as the description, it should’ve added this text as the description. So that’s also strange that it didn’t work, if you enabled that column. When description in a transactions is empty, it will show the category name in the Quick View and in the sidebar, so “non trié” makes sense in case there’s no other description.

Note that often it’s better to select “expense” instead of amount because of how it sorts (if you choose “amount”) but your sorting is the other way around (income appears in expenses and vice versa), then it’s better to have it all as expenses and then negative expenses are added as negatives there (it works well for returns, which are not income but actually a return of expenses).

I’ve added your idea of sorting from sidebar by drag and drop to our list. I may be able to implement this before 2.3 comes out. I can see how it can be efficient.

@olivenoire The new build in TestFlight (v2.2.3) now has drag and drop, as you suggested.

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Hey, perfect!!
Will give a look.

Let me some second to send to you some CSV file as requested.!

Thank you for sending all of this. The problem with column headers was only happening in French language. We’re lucky that you use it in French and were so helpful in working with me on this problem. The new build (2613) should now fix all the issues you were having. Please test and confirm if it does.

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Everything is fine right now! What a pleasure.

Thank you again for your reactivity!

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