Support for the application Hookmark

Hookmark is a Mac application by CogSci Apps which also helps with fast access to resources on the Mac or on the web enabling you to quickly link and access resources. Check it out.

If you have Hookmark installed and running, Trickster will show an additional button on the right edge of the row for files that already have Hookmark links. This helps with knowing when to invoke and not invoke Hookmark - there’s no need to remember or guess if a file or a folder on your Mac has hooks. If there are, the button will appear to indicate that. Clicking on that button will invoke Hookmark on the corresponding file, saving you a trip to the keyboard to hit Hookmark’s hotkey.

So, now you can use Trickster with Hookmark to access relevant files linked to recently modified ones.

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This is a great feature - many thanks

Question - is it possible (or could you consider) the ability to create a Filter which shows all items which have a Hook?

This is already possible. Hook has a feature (I think it’s on by default but check) where it adds a “Hook” Finder tag to all the hooked files. Make sure it’s checked:

In Trickster, create a new filter. Choose the Hook icon as its icon (it’s already in the list of icons in Trickster):

Set the name, say, to “Hook”. Then in the Filter Settings, click “Matching Tags” add “Hook” to the the list (Hit + button below the list). It should look like this:

Then hit “Apply Changes” and you’re good to go. You can then drag the filter from the bottom of the list wherever you want.

Here’s a video, I recorded the whole process:

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