Tracking Accrual of Money

Looking at possible using Cashculator for forecasting. The main income and expenses seems to work for 85% of what I need. THeother portion of what I am wanting to see, is that some categories would be savings for a particular item/event. Is there a way to have it automatically show how much money has been accrued for a particular category? That way I know when I can shift the money to start saving for a different item/event.

Hi @ml_thompson.

That’s an interesting question.
While there are no always-on visible sums for categories, if you use a specific category as a kind of a saving place, you can then use the new capabilities in the transactions sidebar to calculate the total for you (Cashculator version 2.4.0 or later):

  • Select “By category,” click on that category in the table, and make sure all the transactions for this category are listed, and the totals for all transactions will display on the bottom. See the screenshot below for an example

In fact, because the sums work for anything that’s listed in the sidebar, you don’t have to have a separate category for that. If you name your “set-aside” transactions (by adding a consistent, unique description), you could type that unique string to get a sum of all the transactions that have this text in the description (or category name, if empty description).

Does this answer your question?