Trickster & Alfred

Hi, thanks for posting the Alfred Workflow (on Packal?) a few days ago. I use Trickster 90% of the time to find the recent folder. How can I modify the script so that in Alfred I only look for the list of recent folders?

Thanks, Hans

Hi. Did you discover it on Packal yourself? Do you get a notification from it?
I’ve yet to explain about them here on the forums.
For now, I tried to do what you asked and you can download the workflow from this link:

I’ve assigned shortcuts ttf and Control-Option-Command-F but of course you can change it.
Please write me if this works for you as well, and if it does I might extend it to allow other filters based on a variable name and upload it to Packal as well.

Hi Jacob,

no, I once in a while look for workflows that help with the software I am generally using. So it was a coincidence that I found out about the workflow just a few days after it was posted. ;-))

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