Trickster doesn't track changes from programs. Getting rid of hierarchical filing?

I’ve noticed that Trickster doesn’t notice when I create a new file from a program. Try it to confirm:
Open Preview, paste in a screenshot, save a new file

Trickster doesn’t show you find where you put the file. You’re going to have to use spotlight or try to remember the entire path to find the file again.

I don’t have these navigation programs on Windows. I just get this with OSX and Finder. I really, really need something to help me get rid of hierarchical filing. It is sucking my time all the time.

Hi Bob,

I can see a file that I saved from Preview in Trickster, even following your flow above.
Are you sure that you save the image to a folder which is (or whose parent folders) are in Trickster’s Watched Paths? If you open “Configure File Tracking” (Command-T when Trickster is active), and drop the saved file the test drop zone, what does it say? If it should appear, it should show the green message as in below screenshot: