Trickster & Path Finder

Trickster works nice with files opened in Path Finder, but opening folders there results nothing in recent folders… Only when I manually choose “Open in Finder”.

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@Silverstone Trickster currently relies on macOS reporting (i.e. Spotlight) to know what’s being opened in vast majority of cases (automation additions excluded, i.e AppleScript or custom URL). Some applications, I think Office or Adobe apps fall there, will not cause an open event in Spotlight probably because of the neglect of their developers to update these flags and using non-standard way to open documents.

I’m pretty sure that the same folders that Path Finder opens inside their app (but are not reported in Trickster) are not having their “Date Last Opened” in Finder changed as well.

This means that to make it work the solution is either for Path Finder to update the “Date Last Opened” of a folder when it opens it, like Finder does, or to have some kind of special integration between Trickster and Path Finder, which may prove difficult to do, especially from Trickster’s side.

If you have other ideas on how to make this work, please share.