Trickster with ForkLift

I realized that whenever I use Forklift to browse and open files, either from trickster or from ForkLift itself, the recent files are not being tracked. I checked my configuration and the folders are not being excluded. The only files being tracked are ones I open directly from MacOS Finder. I have tried using PathFinder as well and the same issue occurs. Is there anyway to troubleshoot this?

Also, is there a setting option to hide Apps in the “all files” menu, but still have it shown under the “Apps only” filter? I open a lot of apps and they’re always cluttering up my file list under the “all files” menu.


For opened files, Trickster relies on the file system updates (read, Spotlight) of the Last Opened Date attributes of files. If Forklift and PathFinder don’t change these attributes for files then there’s nothing that Trickster can do to detect these changes (apart from some kind of direct integration from these file browsers and Trickster). For example, for DEVONthink we have a similar kind of integration using AppleScript that runs in DEVONthink.
If a file was downloaded using Forklift, it’s supposed to show since new/modified files show regardless of that flag. We could try contacting the developers of Forklift and ask them about supporting this behaviour.

As for your second question. There’s no way to not show applications in the global list right now, like we can do with folders, but this suggestion makes sense (from my personal usage of Trickster, too), so I’ll add it to one of our future versions. Thank you for the suggestion.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.