Two small requests

Hi, two small requests - the ability to stop an alert sound when a non-working key is pressed.

Secondly, the ability to choose a theme without having to change the MacOS light/dark mode!

Hi, when you’re talking about removing the alert sound, that’s in which place? I guess you’re not talking about wrong menu commands but other places, correct?

I’ll note the theme selection request.

So, it’s the OS error sound that happens whenever a wrong key is pressed. For example, pressing enter or space when a new transaction box is up, and 0 is entered, an error sound is heard.

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Ok, got it. In general, we call the regular system beep command that’s be called by the system if you press a non-existing menu shortcut in the app. It hints that a key is wrong. But maybe there should be an option to turn it off.

That’d be great, thanks! Most apps just don’t do anything if a wrong key is pressed, and because there’s a bit of inconsistency in terms of how Cashculator’s keys work in different contexts (for example, Space and Delete keys works differently between income/expense sheets, compared to the Reconcile sheet) I feel like I’n forever being told off :joy:

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A workaround for this right now, although it will affect all the system alert sounds, not just those from Cashculator, would be to move the Alert volume slider all the way to the left in the Sound controls in System Settings:

There are fewer alert sounds in Cashculator starting with version 2.1.2.

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