Understanding the Duration/Frequency Number selection drop downs

I’m interested in how you think about the Duration/Frequency Number drop downs that can be used, for example, when adjusting the past and future duration of the tables, or when selecting a repeating frequency for a repeating income/expense.

It took me a little while to figure out why you might have selected the values displayed, but I’m still not sold on the values available. I did realise after a short time that you can enter your own number so that was a nice feature.

I get that you have set the available values to the common month durations so that makes sense.

I’m not as sure about the values available for repeating Income/Expenses

The bottom-left values are the Horizon values. In Cashculator it was cumbersome to set drastically different as you had to modify them one month at a time using the chevron buttons below the table edges. This gives you the option to quickly modify how far into the future or the past you want to see in the table and reports. And yes, you can either choose a preset number or type your own.

Same for repetitions. I’m not sure now why there are 5, 10 and 14 there, indeed. We can remove those if they don’t have any use.

This is a really great UX improvement!

Yeah, I thought the 14 might be for if you pick days and you wanted a frequency of 14 days, but I’ll leave it for the team to consider :smiley:

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