Website Filter?

Is it possible (or would you consider as a feature) to have Trickster track web URLs as it does files?

In other words, could there be a filter within trickster which tracks my recent browser history?

Yes I could just go to the browser history in my browser - but having it in Trickster alongside other types of filters would be even more convenient.

Possibly in the future. Right now it’s focused on files.
Do you think it would be better to have it in Trickster than in your Browser’s history?

I think the browser history is always going to be more detailed and go back further - as it should be. Just like Devonthink will always have much more detail of my files than Trickster will.

But having recent URLs right alongside recent files - and both in the menubar in Trickster - would still be very useful for very common, quick access for many workflows.