Cashculator beta 8

Beta 8 of Cashculator is now out with the changes below.

  • NEW: Add shortcuts to Plan Transaction Editor:
    • ⌘R to toggle Recurring checkbox
    • ⌘F to toggle Automatically Fill-in Actuals checkbox
  • NEW: Remember the state of Recurring and “Automatically Fill-in Actuals” checkboxes for the next new transaction
  • Updated Template Wizard UI
  • Updated Welcome screen UI
  • Bug fixes
    • Bad colours when editing amounts in the Reconciliation screen
    • An icon couldn’t be removed from a category
    • Dark mode support for Graph screen’s sidebar
    • Cancellation of adding a category didn’t delete it
    • A crash when switching scenarios
    • Improved Import from CC1 for negative amounts and numbers in different locales
    • Don’t display many decimal places in transaction Quicklook