Cashculator TestFlight beta

The latest beta of Cashculator 2 is now in TestFlight. If you don’t have TestFlight installed (it’s an app by Apple), download it from (removed)

Here’s the link to join the beta test Join the Cashculator: Easy Finances beta - TestFlight - Apple.

It’s almost the final version for release (that’s already approved by Apple), but the TestFlight beta version is still lagging behind in review (go figure how Apple works). The only difference there vs the final is in the design of the Welcome screen.

In the TestFlight beta, you should go through the In-app-purchase flow to unlock limitations (but you won’t be charged for the purchase in the beta, so no need to worry about actual payments yet).

We plan to release Cashculator 2 in the Mac App Store on Sep 6th.

Let me know if you have any questions.