Latest Cashculator 2 Beta

We’re excited to announce the last 12th public beta of the next major version of Cashculator for the Mac. Sign up to this forum for sharing any feedback, bug reports and feature request.

:point_right: Read the announcement post: Cashculator TestFlight beta

System requirements: macOS 10.15.4 or later. Cashculator supports macOS 12.0 Mojave and M1 Macs natively.

This is general information for Cashculator 2 beta:

The highlights of the new versions are:
- Cashculator is now document-based. So instead of only having one internal database, you can create and save separate documents anywhere.
- In addition to month-based columns, a weekly view for the spreadsheet tables is now available. You can switch tables between monthly and weekly views at any time.
- Precise date-level planning, if desired, including weekly-based recurring transactions
- Income/Expenses categories can now be organized into groups (subcategories support)
- Improved Reconcile screen, which includes income and expenses data for easier reconciliation and a quick look at all the data
- A new Reports screen with graph and table reports
- Printing of Income/Expenses spreadsheets and reports
- A new option to create Actual transactions from Plan automatically when the date arrives
- Multiple starting templates to choose from for new documents or scenarios
- Refreshed UI and icon
- Imports databases from Cashculator v1 as a new document

Since this is a beta version, it may contain bugs (please report), and some features are not finished, including:
- Export of table data into CSV (let us know if you’re interested)
- Multiple-currency support. This feature was on the roadmap, but we decided to skip it for now for simplicity’s sake. Let us know if multiple-currency support interests you.

  • If some functionality is not straightforward, appears to be missing, poorly designed or if you have any other constructive comments, please post them in this forum. We want to iron out as much as possible before the 2.0 ships.

We hope you reap significant financial benefits from using Cashculator 2. If you are, or were, using version 1, we’d be happy to hear how Cashculator helped you.

Quick Guide

Read the Quick guide to Cashculator 2

Braden, Jacob, Krystian and Susannah.

I’m super excited about seeing what you are doing in Cashculator 2. Cashculator has been a staple part of my home budgeting for years! I really love it, and just wanted to shout out to the team for making such a great app.

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OK, I’m instantly in love with the new cell entry UI, and the way I can switch from week to month view and have weekly expenses aggregate up to a monthly total!

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Thank you for the kind words, @beaufrazer.
The transactions can now be entered to be on a precise date and so monthly or weekly views aggregate all the relevant transactions for the date range of the column, giving you lots of flexibility.
At the same time, if you were completely happy with how Cashculator worked and only care about monthly totals, you can just use the default dates for each column and it’ll appear to work basically the same as in Cashculator 1. For people who prefer weekly planning, the same can be done using the weekly view instead. So Cashculator 2 is now much more flexible and is as precise with regard to dates as you want it to be.

Hi, the link isn’t working for me. If I click it nothing happens.

@DementedCat, try downloading from this site: - Droplr
Let me know if this one works.

Yes that worked thanks.

Glad this one worked. Could you do me a favour and try the link in the top post again? I’ve updated it to be https:// instead of http://. I wonder it fixes the problem that you had in the first place.

The top link works now as well.

Glad to hear that. It’s both a lesson for me but also means that the connection was hijacked on your end and redirected to some other downloaded. There’s some chance that you have some bad actor on your Mac but a bigger chance that it was done somehow on the internet itself, not sure. But that would explain why there was a totally different download attempt on your Mac. I would check, in your case, and see if other HTTP (not HTTPS) downloads from your Mac also suffer from this or if this was only with our server.

This is scary! Good luck @DementedCat

If I copy the new link and remove the “s” it works fine now.

Ok, good to know as well. I guess we’ll not know now why it happened. In any case, it’s always better to have an https link. So I’ll be sure to use one in the future. Our download server handle both HTTP and HTTPS for historical reasons so no reason not to use the more secure version for new links. Thank you.

Beta 2 is now released. Discuss and download from Cashculator 2 beta 2 released

Hey @Jacob

just a drive by comment, the reason the person is getting SSL certificates is because you are serving the old ISRG Root X1 certificate on that site. That one is cross-signed with DST Root CA X3 which has expired. Most browsers handle this fine because there is a valid path to ISRG Root X1 if the client ignores the chain you send. But apparently not all browsers and many command line tools like curl does not.

You can view the paths here SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

and fix the issue by not sending the old cross signed root.

Have a good day.

Thank you for the note, I’ll take a look at that. I’m not sure why it sends two certificate paths.
That being said, the original problem was, if I understand correctly, that the download link was HTTP and not HTTPS, which of course caused more problems.

Very nice, very pleasant and very well thought design. I like the change very much!

Some issues though:

  • Crashes always on import from Calculator 1 (database is not in default location and has non-english letters in it)
  • Often crashes randomly on any operation, I could not find any pattern: it crashes when adding a category, when adding expenses, when changing icons, when switching from income to expenses, just any time randomly.
  • Autosave, please! I do not want Command-S, I want type the number and have it autosaved at once! Please!!! :slight_smile:
  • I cannot set past months to 1. I do not need 2, I always had one. Why can’t I have one? :thinking:
  • Font is quite small to my vision, it would be nice to have an option to increase it
  • Past/future settings are not saved. Cashculator always starts with 6 months in the past.

macOS Big Sur, Intel Macbook Pro, if it makes a difference.

Hi. Thank you for the details. Are you using beta 4? I wonder if your crashes are related to the import from version 1. If you database of Cashculator 1 crashes on import, would you be willing to share it so that I could test? We had a case that crashed in beta 3 that I quickly fixed in a second silent beta 3 update.

Hi. I am sure I have beta 4. About box says “Version 1.93 (1398)” :thinking:

I wonder if your crashes are related to the import from version 1

Since I was not able to import anything from version 1, I created a new fresh database.

If you database of Cashculator 1 crashes on import, would you be willing to share it so that I could test?

Yes, I can send you a dropbox link to download v1 database but privately (not sure how to do it though). The file is 1.1M.

I checked macOS crash reports folder, nothing there unfortunately.

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