Cashculator 2 beta 2 released

Download Cashculator 2 beta 2 from here:

The betas are free to use, there’s no need to buy a license for Cashculator 1 to use version 2.

Changes from beta 1 include:

  • NEW: Cashculator will now notify in-app when a new beta is out
  • NEW: Welcome screen
  • NEW: Auto-adjusting column widths everywhere
  • NEW: Negatives amounts are allowed in transactions (but can’t yet start one by typing a - in table)
  • NEW: Show/hide cents
  • Formatted values (will show grouping of large amounts, not in graphs yet)
  • Fix for the disappearing vertical grid lines
  • Start date fixes when editing plan transactions (not limiting them)
  • File sizes should be smaller, icon graphics are not in the db anymore
  • Prevent deletion of the last scenario
  • Fix scrolling to right-clicked and newly added categories
  • Select correct category after dropping in Both mode
  • Right-click on cell shows transactions quick view
  • Improve keeping selected date when switching between weeks and months in Reconcile view
  • Reconcile view income/expenses tables now show Combined data instead of plan
  • Improved performance everywhere
  • Scrolling of reconciliation view tables from any table

Please post any feedback on beta 2 in this thread or open new topics with your bug reports, suggestions etc.

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